Tara (aka fashionbambini) is one of the most stylish human beings/beans I’ve ever met.

Not many people can rock an electric blue parrot shirt with soy-sauce-fish earrings, but she pulls it off.

Not many people can balance uni/a social life/a blog/a vlog/a self-run business/a magazine/the rest of their life, but she makes it look easy.

When our initial plans to meet were washed out in rain, we decided to revisit our childhood; rented movies, library books, two-dollar stores and a lunch made entirely of fries and candy.

She’s on a path to change the way we see and share fashion, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Meet Tara.




Tara 2



Introduce yourself

I’m Tara, 18. I was born and raised in Sydney, but I’m Indonesian Chinese. I have an extensive sock collection and I outfit repeat everything.


Where’s home?

The place I go back to to sleep. Mainly the room I grew up in (I’ve never moved house), or hotels/apartments I stay in when I travel.




Describe yourself in 3 words

Eclectic, a hoarder and a bean.


What are you doing at the moment? What do you want to be doing?

I’m currently a full-time uni student at UTS studying a bachelor of business. On the side I make YouTube videos, blog a bit, run a small online store (I’m probably closing soon), I’m an editor of a magazine I created, and I post way too much on Instagram.

I want to go into entrepreneurship in the near future – what I’d sell is still in the works – but I love the idea of just doing what I want without restrictions but myself. Also, clichéd, but I want to travel.


Your spirit animal?

A bean (and Willow Smith).


Something you’re dying to try is…



Tara 4





If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Mongolia! (or Finland, Iceland, Canada, Mexico) – (I want to go to turkey but it’s dangerous with the current political situation)



What keeps you sane?

My friends. They keep my grounded.



Tara 3



If you could change something about the world, what would it be?

That everyone had the same social and political views as me – then we would live in harmony.


What’s something you’re afraid of?

I’m not really afraid of anything – but I have a strong dislike for insects, bugs and just any living thing that flies (birds).






What do you want to be remembered for?

This is hard…Probably my ability to empathise.


Words for everyone to live by?

You do you



Tara 1




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